Monday, November 3, 2008 Classroom How-To #1: sharing code between Silverliht and WPF applications

These How-To tips are taken from The Classroom: Architecture and techniques using Silverlight, WPF, and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

You can check out the Silverlight Classroom in "practice" mode, although the real experience is with a live tutor on the other side!

To actually share the code, use compile-time code sharing by choosing “Add As Link” when adding project files, rather than using our source code management’s “Share”. Using the “Add As Link” technique ensures that as changes are made to shared code, successfully building the solution guarantees that the changes are valid across all three applications. Source code management “Share” requires developers to check in their changes, do a “Get Latest Version” on the shared files, rebuild the solution, make any necessary changes, repeat, etc. In the meantime, the build is potentially broken.

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VCE Tutor said...

Silverlight applications have yet to really penetrate the market. 2009 will be a big year for the integration of Silverlight into the mainstream.