Thursday, November 6, 2008 Classroom How-To #4: enforcing an MVC-style architecture

These How-To tips are taken from The Classroom: Architecture and techniques using Silverlight, WPF, and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

You can check out the Silverlight Classroom in "practice" mode, although the real experience is with a live tutor on the other side!

The benefits of MVC-style architecture are numerous: testability, modifiability, simplicity of design, etc., and WPF/Silverlight Xaml “binding” provide an ideal structure to effectively detach the front-end from middle-tier business objects.

One simple way to enforce MVC-style architecture is to put classes with distinct responsibilities in separate assemblies, and add the minimal set of references only as required by each assembly. This enforces the principle of separation of concerns, since you’ve actually made it impossible for code in one assembly to be concerned with the business of another if it shouldn’t!

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