Thursday, November 13, 2008 Classroom How-To #9: creating a Path object from a Stroke

These How-To tips are taken from The Classroom: Architecture and techniques using Silverlight, WPF, and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

You can check out the Silverlight Classroom in "practice" mode, although the real experience is with a live tutor on the other side!

Simply transfer Stroke stylus points to a PolyLineSegment on a Path:

static Path getPathFromStroke(Stroke str)
//make a path from this stroke
Path path = new Path();
PathGeometry pg = new PathGeometry();

//start our figure from the first stylus point in the stroke
PathFigure fg = new PathFigure();
fg.Segments = new PathSegmentCollection();
fg.StartPoint = new Point(str.StylusPoints[0].X, str.StylusPoints[0].Y);

PolyLineSegment seg = new PolyLineSegment();

//add each additional stylus point to the line segment
for (int x = 1; x < str.StylusPoints.Count; x++)
StylusPoint sp = str.StylusPoints[x];

seg.Points.Add(new Point(sp.X, sp.Y));


pg.Figures = new PathFigureCollection();

path.Data = pg;

return path;

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